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The Kore 4 Weight Loss Program helps our patients lose 15-30 lbs in just 8 weeks without shakes, pre-packaged meals, or even exercise! With thousands of patients who have successfully lost weight with the Kore 4 Weight Loss Program, we’re proud to be able to say that our average patient loses 22 pounds!

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Weight Loss Clive IA Dr Kory with KORE Introduction

You'll be working with a Kore 4 weight loss expert who is widely regarded as a top, cutting-edge, health practitioner. Get ready to make the changes that will make sense for you!

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personalized weight loss programs

Weight loss is tough, but that’s because you’ve been doing everything on your own or you’ve been using programs that aren’t tailored to your individual specific needs. Time to find your solution, get a personalized plan, and live feeling your very best!

Weight Loss Clive IA One On One Coaching Plan


We know that the kore is a lifestyle system. We do not want yoyo's, in fact, we take them personally. We have to reprogram the mind in order to stick and stay. We use behavior modification handouts to help teach you on the way. We understand that knowledge is power.

Medical Lights

We are light-based individuals and need light consistently to thrive. The medical lights help reduce the size of the fat cells, tighten skin, detoxify the body, allowing you to sculpt your body. They also stimulate metabolism to help you start burning fat more effectively.

Weight Loss Clive IA Dahlia Health Red Light Body Therapy
Weight Loss Clive IA Custom Nutrition Plan

Customized Nutrition

In order to change hormones in the body, we have to use whole food nutrition. We tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to the ounce! We take control and work with you on a unique basis. This is not a one-size-fits-all. We will also teach you what to do on an exercise basis. No more busting your butt at the gym with no results. We have access to 1000s of workout videos that you can stream right to your home!!


Accountability is the glue that holds these pillars together. We understand that this journey has to be unique and customized to YOU. Since we understand that we have taken accountability to the next level. We have teamed up with some of the largest companies to help ensure you stay on track. Garmin, Styku, and Pnoe to name a few. We use 3d imaging to monitor and measure your progress so you can see the change happen. Educational zoom calls are held live every week to help get you the knowledge you need to succeed on your journey. We know that knowledge is...power!

See how the KORE system is bulletproof? The KORE system has thought of everything to help get you the results you deserve.

Weight Loss Clive IA Track Progress Portal

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Why Our Approach is Different

Dr. Kory of KORE offers an array of services not found in most healthcare settings. Our ability to offer the best in weight loss and alternative healthcare treatments in Clive means that our patients have more options. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that makes sense for you. After you get the results you want, then what? We work with you to create your plan that gets you a lifestyle for a lifetime!

Make today be the day that you change your life and your health. Schedule a free consultation today with our team so that we can get a better understanding of your needs. We will work with you one on one to help you overcome all your healthcare needs!

Weight Loss Clive IA KORE


When you are struggling with a weight problem, a stubborn fat area, cellulite, energy loss, unable to get good sleep - it will effect you daily. It takes away from where your energy and focus should be - relationships, family, career, and activities! Team up with KORE to keep you accountable while doing what it takes to find the root to your health needs. They will be designing a treatment plan just for you to feel and be your best with results that last a lifetime!

Working with patients onsite at the clinic and remotely around the nation, KORE uses a variety of knowledge to get at the root of your health needs and concerns. Their experience with all things health comes into play while getting you the results you want and need. You will enjoy a team with an upbeat, supportive, and passionate approach while using expertise to design a plan just for you and your goals! If you are just getting started or if you are desperate for change - get started now!

Recognizing the Underlying Root Cause to your Issue

Struggling through life suffering to feel “great”? Realize that as a society we live to cure illness rather than prevent illness. What changes could you make if you had answers of why you are in the place you are with your health? Dr. Kory takes an opposite approach and helps patients find the underlying root cause to your issue. Something you will find different with Dr. Kory and his team is what long term looks like. Getting you results and then having a specific plan to have this new healthy lifestyle last a lifetime! 

Are you tired of feeling the way you’re feeling? At KORE and our team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.

We offer services such as: Weight Loss, Health Coaching, Blood and hair testing, Contouring Red Light, I-Lipo Laser, Chiropractic, Auto Accident Injury, Therapy & Rehab, and all your preventative healthcare for you and the whole family!


Fill out one of the forms on our website or call us directly – we will get a time scheduled for you as soon as possible. Get ready to make the changes that will make sense for you!

Sue S.
Sue S.

"Dr. Kory and Sarah are the best. Warm friendly and knowledgeable."

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Angela B.

"Dr. Kory is awesome, intelligent and has great customer service skills."

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Joel O.

"Everyone there is so friendly and treat you like you’re part of a family."